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It's about the Little things..

As my collection develops, designs and ideas go through many iderations and refinements with the goal of singling out the strongest and the best concepts. In this post I will share some of these stages of iterations and discuss the information they provide for me and some of the processes i've taken along the way to get to these conclusions.

Colourized sketches

'Clydesdale' Rocker

This rocking chair features a semi-circle "horse shoe" rocker/armrest that was present in a number of my early sketches. This concept appeals to me for the simplicity and functionality of incorporating the curved element of the rocker into the fabric of the chair construction. Also the playfulness and expressiveness of the form appeals to my desire to create work that is visually intriguing and playful.

AC Rocker

This rocker is an evolution of a chair I built many years ago. It ties in many of the forms and structure associated with Arts+Crafts furniture but has a refined minimalism that makes it relevant to current contemporary furniture design.

PUC Floor lamp

This odd looking floor lamp is a concept that i've been turning over in my head and sketchbook for sometime. It has evolved into a symbolic homage to my Grandfathers thirty year career as a linesman in Northern Ontario, climbing hydro poles, hanging lines and bringing the light. The concept is the lamp references a hydro pole and recycles actual parts from power lines that my grandfather collected through his years of work.

"Portage" Cedar blanket chest

This blanket chest; like the rocking chair and reading light are examples of my desire to reimagine and contemporize traditional furniture archetypes. Cedar blanket chests are symbolic of comfort and warmth, storing and protecting blankets, sweaters and other woolen objects. This current design also embraces the stylings of shaker furniture especially the minimal construction and use of vibrant colour and most importantly, utilitarianism.

Sketch Models

"portage" Blanket chest model

This scale model of the previously discussed blanket chest explores the proportions and use of material desirable in creating an effective and attractive blanket storage and table surface.

AC Rocking chair Sketch model

This alteration or evolution of the AC Rocker features a shaker tape seat, slung leather armrests and upolstered leather back. It is a variation of the original drawing embracing more Shaker Rocking chair archetypes, a tall back and reclined seat.

"clydesdale" Rocker sketch models

This chair model is a departure from the "clydesdale" sketch featured at the top of this blog post. The expressiveness and explorative nature of this iteration embraces the playfulness of the original sketch, but introduces a different construction form and use of a slung leather seat and arm rest and an upholstered back rest. This model is a great example of the freedom and instant feedback models give and represents some improvisational nature of sculpting models.

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